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NAFTA Free Trade Commission Issues Statement


April 11, 2006

The NAFTA Free Trade Commission recently met in Acapulco, Mexico and issued a statement on March 24, 2006. In this statement, the Trade Ministers of the United States, Mexico and Canada, among other things, highlighted several outcomes of the meeting as follows:

1.Following up on the liberalization of the requirements for obtaining NAFTA duty-free treatment which was implemented in 2004, the NAFTA Working Group on Rules of Origin will be issuing a second set of requirement for duty-free treatment due for implementation later this year, and a third set at an undisclosed date in the near future. These liberalization measures for duty-free treatment will affect some $15 billion of trilateral trade after the second set is implemented, and $50 billion of trilateral trade when the third set takes affect.

2.The institutional arrangements and dispute settlement provisions relating to NAFTA's investment provisions will be released before the next NAFTA Commission meeting later this year.